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DIGITAL announces a 9GB disk drive for use with the company's high-performance StorageWorks RAID arrays for OEMs. The drive, configured in a single cabinet, provides OEMs with more than a terabyte of storage in only 7.75 square feet of floor space -- the industry's highest storage density.

The 9GB drive is ideal for data-intensive applications such as data warehousing, video-on-demand, imaging and the Internet because it more than doubles the storage capacity available in the same physical space, lowering overall costs associated with large configurations. The 9GB drive is part of the "StorageWorks for OEMs" family of products that offers the most scalable storage solutions for OEMs and integrators on the market.

DIGITAL announces Client Support Service, a set of unique service plans that combine hardware support, software support, and personalized information services to meet the user's complete information-related needs.

DIGITAL's Client Support Service addresses knowledge workers' ongoing information needs and provides the technology-enabled tools they need to do their jobs. Specific service plans are available to meet the support needs of the four types of clients typically found in today's business environment -- Enterprise, Knowledge, Mobile, and Power Clients. These plans are unique because they focus on the needs of these users, not just the devices employed.

DIGITAL AltaVista Internet Software, Inc. announces a major new technology enhancement to the AltaVista Search service on the World Wide Web.

The new enhancement gives users a personal search assistant that dynamically categorizes the results from an AltaVista search, making results more accurate and current than competing services.

DIGITAL announces Millicent, the first cybercommerce system that will allow millions of users to buy and sell information profitably down to fractions of a cent.

Millicent represents a completely new way to buy and sell content in very small amounts over the Internet. The new system makes it possible for online publishers to sell newspapers by the article, cartoons by the strip or music by the song. Software providers can use Millicent to sell Java applets and host-based applications on a per-use basis. Pictured is Millicent business development manager Stan Hayami.

With more than one million Microsoft Exchange seats under contract, DIGITAL becomes the world's leading provider of mail and messaging solutions to large global accounts.

Key advantages offered by DIGITAL in migrating companies to Exchange include DIGITAL AlphaServer systems with the industry's highest throughput, availability, and reliability for mail and messaging, and a services division with more than 1,700 specialists trained to deploy Exchange in enterprise environments.

DIGITAL's Mars Landing website provides the world's first live streaming webcast to over 1,000,000 viewers.

In what the New York Times heralded as a "defining moment in Multimedia Internet history," DIGITAL delivered audio and video coverage of the Mars Pathfinder mission. The live webcast, using video streaming technology, constituted the first large-scale introduction of video without plug-ins and all in Java.

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