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DIGITAL announces the Prioris ZX 5133MP superserver.

The Prioris ZX5133MP is the premier product in a new line of Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) enterprise PC servers. The server is targeted at enterprise-class applications, which require the highest level of performance and reliability.

DIGITAL announces the SA-110 StrongARM microprocessor.

The SA-110 StrongARM is the first processor to combine the performance of a supercomputer with power dissipation low enough to run on AA batteries. The new chips will power personal digital assistants (PDAs), electronic organizers, set-top boxes and video games.

DIGITAL announces a new release of its industry-leading 64-bit operating system, DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0.

Among the new features in DIGITAL UNIX V 4.0 are ease-of-use enhancements, greater application portability, networking advancements and overall performance and scalability improvements.

DIGITAL is the first information technology sponsor for the 100th running of the Boston Marathon.

For the 100th running of the Boston Marathon, DIGITAL created and maintained the WWW site sanctioned by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) and furnished its latest technology to create a unique information system for the race. An RF chip on every runner's shoe provided race information that was tabulated and available on the BAA's information system. Here, DIGITAL employee Bob Johnson runs for the finish line.

At a worldwide customer event broadcast live via Internet audio and video, DIGITAL announces its strategy to accelerate the growth of the Internet as the environment of choice for cyberworkers.

DIGITAL launched its entry into the Internet software business with details on an eagerly-anticipated family of fast and powerful search products based on AltaVista -- the leading search device on the World Wide Web. The first product announced is AltaVista Mail server software. AltaVisa Mail provides departments and small enterprises with powerful, low-cost Internet mail capabilities which can be added to a web server or existing electronic mail software -- including the ability to mail multimedia documents over the Internet.

DIGITAL announces 500MHz and 433MHz versions of its Alpha 21164 RISC microprocessor, strengthening its four-year claim to the world's fastest and highest-performance microprocessors.

With peak execution rates of up to 2 BIPS, these top-performing Alpha 21164 chips push the performance envelope for visual computing applications such as video conferencing, 3-D modeling, video editing, multimedia authoring, image rendering and animation.

The General Services Administration (GSA) of the Federal Government awards DIGITAL MCS the contract for the remarketing, recycling, and environmentally-safe disposal of approximately one million pounds of obsolete computer equipment from Government agencies.

From DIGITAL's Resource Recovery Center in Contoocook, New Hampshire, outdated electronic equipment is re-used, recycled, converted from waste to electric energy, or disposed of in an environmentally-responsible manner. DIGITAL processes 30 million pounds of electronic materials per year. Less than one-half of one percent of that goes to landfills.

DIGITAL becomes the first computer company to operate an Internet Network Access Point (NAP) with it opens the DIGITAL Internet Exchange in Palo Alto, California.

The DIGITAL Internet Exchange is an Internet Business Utility for anyone doing business on the Internet. It is a mission-critical Internet access point or NAP, a Class A co-location facility for ISP and content providers with a full-time staff to provide 24x365 service. From this center, PAIX participants offer their customers comprehensive added value services such as web hosting, firewalls, and corporate Intranets. Exchange statistics: more than 44 ISPs & content providers (7 from Asia & Europe); 5 telcos with a capacity to deliver 20 Gigabits/sec of circuits; the world's longest OC-3 circuit (155Mbps) to connect to a NAP, plus agreements to deliver DIGITAL Internet Exchanges in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Baranquilla, Colombia.

DIGITAL unveils the new Prioris HX 6000 series of 200 MHz Pentium Pro-based application servers.

The Prioris HX 6000 series is designed to deliver unequaled enterprise-quality manageability, availability, performance and scalability at compelling new price points. The new Prioris HX 6000 series is targeted at users of value-driven, business-critical applications in departmental or geographically dispersed sites.

OpenVMS/VAX V7.1 and OpenVMS/Alpha V7.1 are released.

OpenVMS/VAX and OpenVMS/Alpha V7.1 supported the AlphaServer 800 models 5/333 and 5/400. Features included pipes, Windows NT affinity, PPP protocol, internet product suite, dump off system disk for Alpha, external authentication, 100BaseT fast ethernet support (Alpha), memory channel high performance cluster interconnect, Very Large Memory (VLM) support, BACKUP API, CDE interface for DECwindows, 64 bit system services, and scheduling system services.

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