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DIGITAL announces StorageWorks, a new generation of storage solutions.

StorageWorks was a new generation of storage solutions designed to meet requirements for open, flexible data storage based on the industry's widely accepted SCSI-2 (Small Computer System Interface-2) standard. StorageWorks modular architecture made it easier than ever to add the storage subsystem that meets all application needs - from the desktop to the datacenter.

MCS and DIGITAL Consulting Services announce ten new services designed to help customers plan, implement and maintain reliable open client/server systems worldwide.

New MCS offerings included: System Healthcheck, System Management Support, Remote System Management, Asset Management, and Software Publishing. New DIGITAL Consulting Services included: DECathena Management Services, Workgroup/End User Services, Information Architecture Planning, Client/Server Distributed Application Planning, and Rapid Application Prototyping.

DIGITAL ships OSF/1 UNIX for Alpha Systems.

DIGITAL's native 64-bit DEC OSF/1 UNIX product for Alpha supplied greater address space and extremely high-speed RISC processing, which provided the ability to run current applications faster. OSF/1 for Alpha was also designed to support emerging applications such as multimedia, realtime Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) and multi-year simulations.

In an example of meeting Mission Critical customer needs, DIGITAL delivers its first computer-assisted proactive patch using the PROpatch tool.

DIGITAL ships OpenVMS/VAX 6.0.

OpenVMS/VAX V6 supported the VAX 7000 model 650/660 and VAX 10000 model 650/660 and featured rationalized and enhanced security (level C2 compliance), multiple queue managers across cluster, a HELP/MESSAGE utility, support for ISO 9660 CD-ROM format, Adaptive Pool Management, SYSMAN cluster wide SHUTDOWN and startup logging, cluster wide I/O cache and extended physical and virtual addressing.

DIGITAL and Microsoft ship the Windows NT operating system for Alpha systems.

DIGITAL began shipping Windows NT preloaded on the DECpc AXP 150 personal computer just 5 weeks after Microsoft's initial release. By the end of 1993, over 500 applications from DIGITAL and other software vendors would run on the DECpc AXP 150 under Windows NT.

DIGITAL introduces the GIGAswitch/FDDI.

The GIGAswitch/FDDI was the world's first LAN backplane switch for FDDI, with more than 3 gigabits per second of bandwidth.

DIGITAL delivers its first video-on-demand system for an early broadband communications trial.

DIGITAL developed a new server platform specifically to address the requirements of an all-digital broadband infrastructure that supports a range of new interactive services such as movies and other video entertainment on demand, multimedia, interactive games, home shopping and more. The platform incorporates DIGITAL's Alpha AXP processors, StorageWorks disk storage arrays, DIGITAL Linear Tape (DLT) library subsystems, interactive gateway unit, server management unit and GIGAswitch.

DIGITAL launches a worldwide initative for open client/server computing, announcing more than 150 products and services.

Included in the announcement of DIGITAL's initiative for open client/server computing was the second generation of Alpha AXP servers and workstations and LinkWorks software, a new framework for workgroups, which enabled businesses to streamline and manage departmental processes.

DIGITAL becomes the the first Fortune 500 company with a corporate website on the internet ( Earlier in the year, DIGITAL established its first departmental web server on the internet.

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