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DIGITAL announces Alpha, its program for 21st-century computing.

Alpha was a totally new, open, 64-bit RISC architecture, addressing the needs of a broad range of computer users, engineered to support multiple operating systems and designed to increase performance by a factor of 1000 over its anticipated 25-year life. The first Alpha chip was the 21064, which provided record-setting 200-MHz performance.

DIGITAL provides computer systems and software to the America3 Foundation racing team for its defense of the Americas Cup in San Diego, California.

In addition to designing engineering and performance analysis applications, DIGITAL provided a speech recognition system to communicate with the computer on board America3, allowing navigators to spend more time on the race and less time accessing critical data.

DIGITAL announces the VAX 7000.

The VAX 7000 model 600 data center system was DIGITAL's most powerful VAX system to date. It was the high-end successor to DIGITAL's VAX 6000 data center systems, the most expandable data center system ever, and was field-upgradable to the Alpha 64-bit processor.

DIGITAL introduces the DECpc LP series, the company's first internally designed, internally manufactured, industry-compatible PCs.

The new DECpc LP series PCs were based on the Intel 386 and 486 processors and featured SVGA video performance with GUI acceleration, 128KB of writeback cache, 70ns memory and 512KB of video RAM (VRAM).

DIGITAL introduces Alpha 64-bit computing with five new workstations and servers, the OpenVMS operating system, multiple compilers and networks, and new open business practices.

The first generation Alpha systems included the DEC 3000 Model 400 and Model 500 Workstations, the DEC 4000 Distributed/Departmental System, the DEC 7000 Data Center System and the DEC 10000 Mainframe-Class System.

DIGITAL releases OpenVMS/AXP V1.0 as part of its Alpha family of products.

OpenVMS/AXP V1 supported the first generation of Alpha processors including DEC 3000, DEC 4000, and DEC 7000. The new operating system was based on VAX/VMS V5.4 and featured DECmigrate for translating VAX images, and the Macro-32 compiler.

DIGITAL installs the industry's first commercial Internet firewall.

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