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VMS V3 ships.

VMS V3 supported three new processors: the VAX-11/750, VAX-11/725, VAX-11/782. V3 features included asymmetric multiprocessing (ASMP) for VAX-11/782, support for new architectures, protocols and busses, system communication architecture (SCS), mass storage control protocol (MSCP), lock management system services, and MONITOR utility for performance monitoring.

The VAX-11/730 is the third -- and at the time -- the lowest cost member of the VAX family.

The VAX-11/730 was the smallest VAX to date. The machine was the first VAX processor to fit on three Hex boards and the first VAX to fit in a 10.5" high, rack mountable box. The 11/730 was also the first 8-user, DECnet VAX/VMS system complete in one 42" high cabinet.

DIGITAL introduces a range of new personal computers.

DIGITAL's new personal computer line included the Professional 300 series based on the PDP-11, the Rainbow 100 based on the Intel 8086, and the DECmate II based on the PDP-8. Here, marketing vice president Andy Knowles and Ken Olsen introduce the new machines.

A new concept in integrated office software is introduced.

Back in 1977, Skip Walter and John Churin began work on integrated office software that would run on a network and could mix and match custom applications such as word processing, mail, calendars and databases. The result was ALL-IN-1.

The Customer Support Center in Colorado Springs pilots Remote Fault Isolation Technology for software support in the VMS and TOPS support groups.

Announcement of the RA60 and RA81 disk drives and DIGITAL Storage Architecture puts DIGITAL at the forefront in storage technology.

The RA60 provided 205 megabytes of removable media disk capacity and the RA81 supplied 456 megabytes of Winchester fixed disk capacity in rack mounted 10.5" high drives -- both industry firsts.

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