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PDP-11/24 is introduced.

The PDP-11/24 was a fourth generation PDP-11 system designed to increase DIGITAL's penetration of the Technical and Commercial OEM markets. The new machine featured Large Scale Integration, 1 MB memory capacity and the PDP-11 UNIBUS.

DIGITAL announces the VT125 Graphics Terminal, the newest member of the VT100 family.

The VT125 was an enhanced VT100 alpha-numeric terminal with data plotting extensions which combined bit map graphics architecture, automatic vendor and general curve generation, as well as alpha-numeric features to produce a state-of-the-art terminal suitable for business graphics and technical applications.

DIGITAL announces the DECmate "Work Processor."

With the DECmate, DIGITAL integrated an array of functions such as word processing, communications, financial planning, budgeting support and engineering calculations in a single marketing focus. The DECmate was based on the VT278 computing terminal, which combined video output and keyboard input with a powerful programmable CPU and peripheral interfaces all on one module. At left is the DECmate engineering team.

VAX information architecture is introduced.

VAX information architecture consisted of a family of information management software products including VAX-11 FMS, DATATRIEVE, CDD, RMS and DBMS. The key to the products was an integrated architecture that allowed functions to be added as they were needed.

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