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RSX-11D, a real-time operating system for online data acquisition, monitoring and control on the PDP-11, is introduced.

RSX-11D was aimed at the sophisticated end-user and included a real-time executive, on-line program development, complete device handling capabilities and total system protection. Typical applications were in the lab, industrial, computation and OEM markets.

RT-11, a real-time operating system for monitoring and control, is introduced.

RT-11 signaled DIGITAL's entrance into the low end of the real-time market. With its single-job monitor and F/B monitor, RT-11 was designed for the single-user involved in program development and/or real-time applications, providing fast, simple, on-line access to any PDP-11 processor with at least 8K of memory and mass storage.

DIGITAL develops DEC Data Communications Message Protocol (DDCMP) as a standard for its future computer-to-computer communications.

DDCMP, which was used to develop DIGITAL's Network Architecture (DECnet), was based on peer-to-peer communications where information is managed by members of the networks itself; communication is from processor to processor, rather than from processor to terminal.

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