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The PDP-8/E, successor to the PDP-8/I, is introduced (shown here with contemporary footwear).

The PDP-8/E featured the OMNIBUS -- a patented synchronous bus that handles bi-directional communication between system elements. A single OMNIBUS contained enough slots to handle up to 32K words of core memory, or up to 10 peripheral controllers. Shortly after the introduction of the PDP-8/E, DIGITAL installed its 10,000th computer system.

DIGITAL introduces the TU10 magnetic tape unit.

The TU10 DECmagtape unit was available in eight different models. Each model incorporated a transport mechanism, head assembly, read/write electronics, motor control circuits, power supply, and cabinet. Bit packing densities of 200, 556, and 800 bits per inch (bpi) were program selectable. A single capstan drove the tape in the forward or reverse direction at a speed of 45 inches per second (ips).

The PDP-11/20, the first of DIGITAL's 16-bit family of machines, is delivered.

The PDP-11/20 was the first minicomputer to interface all system elements -- processor, memory and peripherals -- to a single, bi-directional, asynchronous bus. The UNIBUS enabled fast devices to send, receive or exchange data without intermediate buffering in memory. The PDP-11 became the world's most successful family of minicomputers.

DIGITAL introduces three new peripherals: the LA30 DECwriter, the TU10 magnetic tape unit and the VT05 alphanumeric keyboard terminal.

The VT05 was the first video terminal manufactured by DIGITAL.

MUMPS software for the PDP-15 is introduced.

MUMPS was developed as a general purpose data management language at Massachusetts General Hospital; it allowed up to twenty-two users to simultaneously access a database held on disk. MUMPS-15 systems were used extensively in such areas as hospital information and stock and warehouse control.

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