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The PDP-14 is delivered.

The PDP-14:
K series modules were used to develop noise-immune I/O units for this completely new, solid state controller that controlled operations by solving Boolean equations. Applications in the relay-logic marketplace included an automatic racking and stacking system, control of machine tools and sequencing.

The PDP-12, successor to the LINC-8, is introduced.

The PDP-12 was used in applications such as chemistry, applied psychology, patient monitoring and industrial testing. The machine incorporated the PDP-8/I and LINC-8 instruction sets, making it compatible with LINC-8 software. In addition to a display-based operating system, software packages were included for data acquisition and display, Fourier analysis and spectrometry.

The PDP-15, successor to the PDP-9 and 9/L, is introduced.

The PDP-15 was DIGITAL's last 18-bit computer system and the only one implemented with integrated circuits. The new machine was faster and less expensive than its predecessors and had the added sophistication of a separate I/O processor to the CPU. Over 400 of these machines were ordered in the first eight months of production.

FOCAL version 1.0 is issued.

The name FOCAL stood for FOrmula CALculator and was the company's first registered international trademark. FOCAL was the only language that ran on every DIGITAL computer at the time.

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