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D-2150 Disc Handling Package for Program Development  
D-2-2029-7504 KS-500 General Purpose Computers Programmer's Instruction Manual Online
D4.0033 CI 500 I/F Specification  
D4.0045 KS-500 Bus Specification Online
D4.0056 Preliminary Specification for CM 5XXF Core Memory Online
D4.0087 Specification for BS-501 (Bank Switch)  
D4.0091 Preliminary Specification for CI-501F Online
D4.0096 Software Interface KS-500/CI 501 F, Prelimin√¶r Spesifikasjon  
D4.0101 Specification for SM-504 Processor (Commercial)  
D4.0102 CI-502 I/F Specification Online
D4.0104 Specification for Bus Controller BC-502  
D4.0137 Tentative Spec. for a new Bus Controller, BC-50X Commercial Online
DB 3 35 EA Kongsberg CNC with Machine Tool SAF-DI  
KV-3-1826-7410 Kongsberg 300/400 and 500 General Purpose Computers Assembler/Loader Manual  
PR-500-10272 KS-500 Test Program Manual for PROM/RAM Memory PR-500  
SB 08 EB Kongsberg CNC 500 FC Computer control system for flamecutting  
SB 10 EB Kongsberg CC 200  
SB 11 EB DC 300 F and FC Drafting Controllers for use in Shipbuilding Applications  
SB 14 EA Kongsberg Digital Plotters  
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