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AN951 Drive Optimization for 1.0kV Off-Line Converter Transistors  
AN952 Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers Extend Power Transistor SOA  
AN955 A Cost Effective VHF Amplifier for Land Mobile Radios  
AN957 Interfacing the Speakerphone to the MC34010/11/13 Speech Networks  
AN958 Transmit Gain Adjustments for the MC34014 Speech Network  
AN959 A Speakerphone with Receive Idle Mode  
AN960 Equalization of DTMF Signals Using the MC34014  
AN962 MPX Pressure Sensors Used for Switch Applications  
AN964 Trigger Design Ideas for DIAC Replacements  
AN966 MC68HC805C4 8-bit EEPROM Microcomputer Programming Module  
AN968 A Digital Voice/Data Telephone Set  
AN970 Hardware and Software Interface for the MC68605 X.25 Protocol Controller  
AN971 Avoiding Bus Contention in Fast Access RAM Designs  
AN973 Avoiding Data Errors with Fast Static RAMs  
AN974 MC68HC11 Floating-Point Package  
AN976 A New High Performance Current Mode Controller Teams Up with Current Sensing Power MOSFETS  
AN978 Application of the Motorola VDE Approved Optocouplers  
AN980 VHF Narrowband FM Receiver Design Using the MC3362 and the MC3363 Dual Conversion Receivers  
AN981 Building Counters with Motorola's Macrocell Arrays  
AN982 Applications of Zero Voltage Crossing Optically Isolated Triac Drivers  
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