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DECsystem-10 Applications Software Bulletin Supplement to No. 3, Fall 1972 Online
PDP-11/45 Console Board Schematics Online
LAB-11 Engineering Drawings Online
Rev. B TU10 DECmagtape Engineering Drawings (all variations) Online
Publications Index, July 1972 Online
PDP-11/40 H960 21" Box Power Harness Print Set Online
HIRES-MS High Resolution Mass Spectrometer Data System Online
GT44 Graphic Display System Brochure Online
Rev. S VR14 Engineering Drawings Online
Introduction to Programming the PDP-11 [Preliminary, Ch. I to III] Online
DTBOOT: DECsystem-10 DECtape Bootstrap Online
PDP-11/40 Assembly Configuration Online
Rev. AP LA30 DECwriter Engineering Drawings Online
PDP-11/40 Power Harness (Old Style) Online
PDP-8 Pocket Reference Card Online
Rev. P PDP-11/40 System Engineering Drawings Online
PDP-8 and PDP-12 Engineering Change Order Log Online
Rev. D TU60 Engineering Drawings Online
Rev. Z PDP-11/45 System Engineering Drawings Online
PDP-11/45 System Engineering Drawings Online, ToC
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