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380Z User's Reference Card Online
380Z System Manual Online
RML National User Group Form Online
Guide to Machine Language Programming for the 380Z and 480Z Online
IPN 01358101 Release Note Cassette Extended BASIC Reference Manual Version: 5.1E Online
IPN 02108101 User I/O Cable Instructions Online
IPN 02358002 Extended BASIC Version 5 Reference Manual Release Note Online
IPN 03038101 User Instructions for Installing SIO-2/2B Serial Interface Online
PN 10915 380Z Disc System CP/M Version 2.2 Users Guide Online
PN 10930 380Z Disc System Information File Online
PN 10939 LINK 480Z Information File Online
PN 10949 COS 3.4 Reference Manual Superseded
PN 10958 COS 4.0 Differences from COS 3.4 Reference Notes Superseded
PN 10965 LINK 480Z Resident Operating System 1.0 Reference Manual Superseded
PN 10971 380Z and 480Z Firmware Reference Manual Online
PN 11006 Extended BASIC Version 5 & 6 for Disc and Network Systems Reference Manual Online
PN 11034 High Resolution Graphics, Level 2  
PN 11042 TXED Text Editor and Formatter for Disc Systems  
PN 11059 TXED for Disc System and Network Station Users  
PN 11066 ZASM Assembler for Disc and Network Systems Online
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