A/S Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk

The Norwegian company A/S Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk (“weapons factory”) was founded in 1814, and is now known as Kongsberg Gruppen. In the 1970s they made a computer system called KS-500 (though their history page (archive link) doesn't mention it). I think they also made terminals, but I haven't found any details. The list below, from Manx, shows all the KS-500 publications I know about.

Known Publications

Part Date Title
D-1-1999 Technical Manual SM-50X
D-1-2002 Technical Manual BC-500
D-1-2081 Kongsberg 300/400 and 500 General Purpose Computers Assembler Reference Manual
D-1-2104 Preliminary Introduction to Kongsberg System 500
D-1-2122 Kongsberg 300/400 and 500 General Purpose Computers KV-Loader Reference Manual
D-2-2029-7504 1975-04 KS-500 General Purpose Computers Programmer's Instruction Manual (PDF, 5.0 MiB)
D4.0033 1976-03-10 CI 500 I/F Specification
D4.0045 1980-09 KS-500 Bus Specification (PDF, 1.5 MiB)
D4.0056 1977-11-07 Preliminary Specification for CM 5XXF Core Memory (PDF, 323 KiB)
D4.0087 1978-05-10 Specification for BS-501 (Bank Switch)
D4.0091 1978-06-19 Preliminary Specification for CI-501F (PDF, 498 KiB)
D4.0096 1978-06-14 Software Interface KS-500/CI 501 F, Preliminær Spesifikasjon
D4.0102 1978-10-20 CI-502 I/F Specification (PDF, 557 KiB)
D4.0104 1978-11-01 Specification for Bus Controller BC-502
D4.0137 1979-02-26 Tentative Spec. for a new Bus Controller, BC-50X Commercial (PDF, 370 KiB)
PR-500-10272 1976-08 KS-500 Test Program Manual for PROM/RAM Memory PR-500
Related Documents from Software Sciences Ltd.
1982-04 VAX 11 KS500 Object Conversion Utility User's Manual (Text, 14 KiB)
1982-06 VAX 11 <---> KS500 Copy Program User's Manual (Text, 5 KiB)
1983-08 VAX-11 KS-500 Cross Assembler User's Guide (Text, 103 KiB)