Terminals and Printers Handbook 1983-84

Chapter 2

Introduction: Video Terminals

When first introduced, Digital’s VT100 video terminal set industry standards. Now, the new VT200 family advances these standards by incorporating all the often desired and leading features into a single new terminal design.


Digital offers a variety of quality video terminals. This chapter outlines the information contained in the video terminal chapters. Specific video terminal information can be found in the following chapters and appendices.


Chapters 3 through 8 describe Digital’s VT200, VT100, and RT100 families of video terminals.

Chapter 3, VT200 Family Introduction
This chapter discusses the common features shared by all members of the VT200 family of video terminals.
Chapter 4, VT200 Family User Introduction
This chapter provides information on using a VT220, VT240, or VT241 video terminal.
Chapter 5, VT100 Family
This chapter discusses the common features shared by all members of the VT100 family of video terminals.
Chapter 6, VT101, VT102, and VT131 Video Terminals
This chapter discusses the differences among the VT101, VT102, and VT131 video terminals, and focuses on the unique features of each.
Chapter 7, VT125 Graphics Terminal
This chapter discusses the unique features of the VT125 Graphics Terminal.
Chapter 8, Ruggedized Terminals
This chapter describes the environments where ruggedized terminals are most effective and describes each member of the ruggedized terminal family – The RT100, RT102, and RT137, as well as the new Membrane Keyboard.
Table 2-1 Video Terminal Selection Chart
Feature VT100 VT101 VT102 VT125 VT131 VT220 VT240 VT241
Advanced Video
132 char/line-by-24 lines
blink, bold characters
VT1XX-AB   Std VT1XX-AB Std Std Std Std
Printer Port     Std Std Std Std Std Std
Half-duplex Communications     Std   Std      
Local Echo   Std Std   Std Std Std Std
Selective Erase         Std Std Std Std
Word Processing Keyboard VT100-W   VT102-W VT125-W   Std Std Std
Number of Programmable Function Keys           15 15 15
Bit-mapped Graphics VT1XX-CB     240 × 768 resolu­tion     240 × 800 resolu­tion 240 × 800 resolu­tion
Plain Language Set-Up           Std Std Std
Downline Loadable Character Sets           Std Std Std
Multinational Character Set           Std Std Std
National Replacement Character Set Support Opt   Opt Opt Opt      
ReGIS Protocol Support VT1XX-CB     Std        
Tektronix 4010/4014 Support             Std Std
Integral Modem             VT24X-AA VT24X-AA
Block Transmission         Std      
Local Editing         Std      
Nonglare Screen VT1XX-F VT1XX-F VT1XX-F VT1XX-F VT1XX-F Std Std Std
Legend: Std Standard Equipment Opt Options   Not Available


Appendices A through E contain supplemental information for Digital’s video terminals.

Appendix A
ASCII codes.
Appendix B
Programming information for the VT100 family.
Appendix C
Programming information for the VT101, VT102, and VT131 terminals.
Appendix D
Programming information for the VT125.
Appendix E
Brief description of Digital’s traditional video terminal products, the VT52 and the VT55.
Appendix F
Video Terminal Operation Tips.