Terminals and Printers Handbook 1983-84

Appendix F

Video Terminal Operation Tips


Digital Equipment Corporation was one of the first computer manufacturers to offer a commercially-available video display terminal. Over the years, our experience has taught us a great deal about how to design good video terminals and how terminals should be integrated into the workplace.

Today, computer terminals are being taken out of computer rooms and labs and brought into offices to be used as a powerful tool for an easy and efficient way to do office work. Just as other tools have improved other jobs, terminals will improve office work, if properly used and installed. Digital has paid careful attention to ergonomic needs in design and manufacture of its computer terminals. To make the best use of ergonomic tools and features built into its equipment, Digital encourages you to use the information provided in this appendix in incorporating video display terminals into your work area.

General Rules for Video Terminal Use

To keep yourself comfortable during a prolonged workday, you should note the following workstation design considerations:

Lighting Adjustments

Most offices are lighted for doing paperwork, not for operating video terminals. Dimmers and individual light adjustments make working a video terminal easier. Lights in and around the work area should be placed so that they minimize your eye’s adjustment to different light levels.

Some lighting suggestions are:

Avoiding Physical Discomforts

Avoid possible physical discomforts like eye fatigue and neck, shoulder, arm, or back strain, by:

Additional Information

For more tips on using computers and video display terminals in your work area, contact Digital’s Human Factors Group through your sales representative.